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    Window Replacement Cedar Rapids

    Types of Window Replacement Frames Worth Considering

    The windows of your home are critical for a large number of reasons. They provide light, enhance the look of a home, and make a home more energy-efficient. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the best window replacement in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Thankfully, we at Ideal Windows, Doors, & Siding have many frame options from which you can choose. Each of these frames has different benefits that make them worth considering for your home or others like it.

    Aluminum – A Good Budget Choice

    When it comes time for window replacement, aluminum is often an excellent choice for those without a lot of money. That’s because aluminum is easily the cheapest frame material on the market today. As a result, you can install replacement windows without taking out a loan or investing all of your cash in the repairs. Just as importantly, you can ensure that your windows are surprisingly strong.

    That’s because aluminum does not suffer the same kind of wear and tear that other metals may experience. Aluminum is designed to be rust-proof and does not wear down quickly when exposed to salt or different types of contaminants. And its lightweight nature makes it quite easy to install and repair, which ensures that you don’t have to spend a lot of cash on this process for your home.

    Are there downsides to aluminum? Unfortunately, yes, there are a few. The biggest of these is the lack of energy efficiency. Aluminum is, easily, the worst insulator for window frames on the market. It loses heat very quickly and allows heat to pass through your home in the summer. Therefore, people who are exposed to extreme temperatures – or who are sensitive to these changes – may not want aluminum

    Wood – A Beautiful and All-Natural Style

    Although aluminum does provide an inexpensive option for your home’s window replacement, these frames aren’t always the most elegant. Though they can be styled in many ways, they often have a cheaper look that may not be right for your home. In this situation, you may want to upgrade to wood window frames. This option is an excellent choice for several reasons.

    First of all, wood is a much better insulator than aluminum, which enhances your home’s energy efficiency exponentially. Just as importantly, lumber is much more attractive than aluminum. It produces a very natural style that fits many homes well and which enhances their overall appearance in ways that you may not get with other types of materials beyond aluminum.

    The downsides to wood include its cost and its maintenance needs. Wood is typically more expensive than aluminum, which makes it harder for some to afford. And it requires a lot more maintenance than aluminum because you need to stain and seal the surface to protect against mold, rot, termites, and other types of wear and tear that can devastate the value of your home and its frames.

    Composite – A Powerful Combination of Materials

    Those who don’t want aluminum or wood for their window replacement can try out composite frames. These options utilize a combination of materials that help to minimize their downsides and accentuate their positives. For example, you usually find frames that mix aluminum with wood or vinyl and wood. The vinyl helps to enhance the aluminum’s efficiency and protects the wood from decay and degradation.

    As a result, they are often among the most efficient and high-quality frame types on the market today. Just as importantly, they can be made in shapes that other materials may not, which allows you to create the most attractive and alluring frames for your home. And since they are more energy-efficient and stronger than different types, they do not require a lot of maintenance to keep secure.

    However, there is a significant downside to this option – the cost. These are some of the most expensive window frames on the market and can add a lot of money to your home improvement project. And there is such a thing as “over improving” a home. This process consists of adding enhancements that are worth more than the house and the neighborhood, which can perversely decrease a home’s value.

    Fiberglass – A Very Durable Choice

    Lastly, you may want to consider fiberglass as an excellent choice for your window replacement options. There are a few reasons you may want to consider fiberglass. First of all, it is stronger and harder than vinyl and many other types of materials. As a result, it is among the most durable choices on the market, and your windows should last for much longer than different classes you may find on the market.

    Just as importantly, fiberglass is also among the most efficient on the market today. That’s because it has a stronger surface that is less likely to change in shape and size. When these changes occur, small energy leaks may occur around the frame. As these frames don’t experience that problem, they are very efficient. Even better, they very rarely wear down the way that other frames do throughout a home.

    However, there are two downsides to consider before you rush out to buy fiberglass frames. First of all, they are among the most expensive types on the market. All that extra durability doesn’t come without an increase in price, after all. And fiberglass also requires more maintenance than other types because they need to be painted every few years. So make sure to consider these issues to avoid any problems.

    Let Us Help You Find the Windows You Need

    As you can see, the best window replacement in Cedar Rapids, Iowa needs to focus not just on the glass panes but on the frames as well. In many ways, the structures of your window might be even more important than the glass itself. As a result, you should contact us at Ideal Windows, Doors, & Siding today to learn more. Our professionals have years of experience working with people like you and will do what it takes to ensure that you get the most out of your windows and their replacement as possible.

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