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    What Siding Replacement Option is Best After Hail Damage?

    During a hail storm, your siding might get so damaged that you need to replace all of it in your home. Thankfully, the best siding replacement in Cedar Rapids, Iowa can help out in many ways. When you work with us at Ideal Windows, Doors, & Siding, you get access to some of the best professionals in the field. So please read on to find out which siding option is best for you.

    Brick Siding – A Traditional Option That Always Looks Good

    The first siding replacement option that we want to discuss is brick. This option has been in operation for hundreds of years and does provide many unique benefits that make it more than worth your choice. First of all, brick is among the most durable type of siding and also comes from relatively common materials. As a result, it can be relatively inexpensive and more accessible for many to install.

    And since brick has such an attractive look, it is often considered one of the most beautiful and universally-appropriate options for homes. As a result, you shouldn’t have a hard time integrating it into your home and producing a great look. Just make sure to examine the overall look of your home first to decide if the brick is the right stylistic choice for your needs.

    So is brick siding a good choice after a hail storm? In many ways, yes. Brick is very strong and provides an outstanding level of protection against various types of storms. However, it can be susceptible to many kinds of weathering problems, such as heat and cold expansion. As a result, you may find that this option isn’t the best for areas with hail. However, that all depends on many other factors, too.

    Fiber-Cement – Cheap and Yet Durable

    Although you may not think that cement could be used for siding, that is not quite the case. The strength of cement can be used in siding replacement, but only when used in fiber-cement options. These panels are made out of small cement fibers that are combined to create a solid siding choice that provides many different benefits to those homes who experience hail storms.

    First of all, fiber-cement looks surprisingly like wood and provides an excellent look at a much lower price. And its strength helps to protect it from various types of damage, including multiple insect problems, UV rays, and hail storms. In this way, it is often compared to vinyl and has many of the same benefits that this option has with a surprisingly minimal amount of downsides by comparison.

    The drawbacks of this option include its very heavy nature. Though not as heavy as some more extensive types, it does tend to wear down your home in many ways. And since it is so dense, it is often harder to install, which can make it more expensive. Don’t forget, either, that the durability comes at an extra cost, too. As a result, you should only try this option if you have the cash.

    Engineered Wood – Strong and Attractive

    Although wood shingles are often an excellent choice for many homes, they aren’t as good of an idea in areas that suffer from a lot of hail. Unfortunately, wood experiences heavy denting in hail and is more likely to need to be replaced. Therefore, you may need to find an option to replace your siding that is not only stronger but which emulates the look of wood very well.

    Enter engineered wood to serve your needs. This wood option is designed to look as much like natural wood as possible. However, it is treated to make it stronger and more resistant to various types of damage. All of these advantages help to make this siding option one of the most durable choices available for your home. The siding of this type is particularly great for rural houses due to their style.

    What kind of flaws does this type of siding replacement suffer from in your home? Well, it is often harder to style and paint because it cannot be sealed in the same way as normal and natural wood. As a result, you may have fewer style options for your home. This drawback isn’t that big of a deal but, when combined with a relatively expensive price, it can make it a harder choice to make.

    Glass – A Surprising Choice

    Lastly, you may want to investigate glass for your home. You might naturally think that glass siding sounds like a terrible idea for a home that experiences a lot of hail. However, that isn’t always the case. Glass is a surprisingly strong siding option because it is designed to be denser and more resistant to damage than ordinary glass panes. As a result, it can be used for these areas if you want other benefits.

    For example, the glass walls of this type help to make your home look more attractive and modern. Even better, they make it easier for you to get sun into your home and to check out the outside world. Many people add glass walls to their homes as a way of enhancing this style in a way that is both fun, unique, and potentially engaging for buyers who want a high-quality home at a reasonable price.

    However, glass does have downsides as a siding replacement. While it is more resistant to damage than you might think, the surface may still get scuffed by some types of hail damage. When this happens, you might have to clean or buff the surface or even replace a glass pane. And though they are surprisingly energy efficient, their upkeep is quite high because you need to clean the panes regularly.

    Get the Best Siding for Your Home’s Needs

    So if you want the best siding replacement Cedar Rapids, Iowa has to offer you, please reach out to us at Ideal Windows, Doors, & Siding today. Our professionals have years of experience working on siding and will take the time to ensure that you get the best overall results for your needs. By working with us, you not only gain access to experts who you can trust but also work with local specialists who genuinely care about the area and its residents. We look forward to working with you.

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