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Common Home Renovation Risks That Can Complicate Your Project

Upgrading a home can be a very costly and challenging process, and one that takes time to handle correctly. Without these steps, you’re going to make real mistakes that could worsen the project. As a result, you need to make sure that your home renovation in Cedar Rapids, Iowa follows these simple steps. They are designed to ensure that you don’t cause issues that make your home harder to design or less comfortable for your living condition. And at Ideal Windows, Doors, & Siding, we can help you with this project in a variety of ways.

Not Setting a Proper Budget

When you’re working on a home upgrade, you need to make sure that you fully understand how much money you’re going to spend. Many different factors can influence a budget, and you need to be ready to spend more than you might want. As a result, you need to create a budget that not only takes into account all of the factors involved in the process but those that you cannot predict.

For example, you need at least an extra 20 percent added to your renovation budget to handle any mistakes or failures. So if your budget is $15,000 for a project, you need to add $3,000 – 20 percent of the total budget – to the expected cost. This factor can be very frustrating, but trust us when we say that you’ll appreciate not having to worry about how you’re going to get money to pay for a problem.

Ignoring the Design of the Home

We understand that those getting a home renovation often want to change the look of their home. That desire is understandable but ignores the reality of this situation. Simply put, an upgrade to your house needs to not only change up the look of your home but work with the existing architecture of your home. If you don’t follow this advice, you’re going to struggle to have a house worth your time.

For example, if you work against the architectural design or try to change it too much, you may compromise the overall strength and durability of your house. Even worse, you can create styles or looks that go against the natural flow of the house and which are nowhere near as attractive. Yes, you should change the look in ways that work for you but which also work for the home as well.

Ignoring Potential Appliances

One thing that we see too many people do wrong is trying to fit their appliances into a renovation project after it is done. This mistake is one that can cost you a lot of money and force you to make sacrifices. For example, you may find a beautiful large stove that is perfect for your needs, but which is too big for the space you left for a stove in your home upgrade and renovation project.

Instead of making this error, we suggest that you pick your appliances first and then plan your upgrades around them. Doing so will help you to get the detailed look that your home deserves, keep your project properly flowing, and also save you money. Though this may seem like “building the roof before you build the walls,” we promise that it is a much better step for you to take here.

Focusing Too Much on Trends

When enhancing the look of your house with a home renovation project, you obviously want everything to look as fresh and fancy as possible. However, many people spend too much time chasing trends rather than focusing on the quality of a house. Remember: trends can affect the value of your home adversely if they go out of style and are considered gauche just a few years later.

Just as importantly, focusing on trends also makes you pay too much attention to the form of a house or the style rather than the function. Remember: functionality is always more important than style. So while you should still work to make your home as memorable visually as you can, you shouldn’t spend too much time on this factor but, instead, make sure everything functions well.

Not Buying Enough Material

Home renovation is a process that requires a lot of materials to finish appropriately. Unfortunately, too many people don’t note this importance and end up buying just the bare minimum of what they expect to need. This mistake is understandable but should never be done. If you don’t buy at least 10-20 percent more materials than you need for your project, you won’t have any to handle waste or mistakes.

The most common problem you’re likely to run in with this issue is a lack of flooring. As a result, you need to spend a little extra money to make sure that your floors are finished properly. Usually, this step requires you to buy at last 20 percent more flooring materials. Otherwise, you won’t have enough lef over to cover for waste and defects in flooring, which is where this problem is most commonly noted.

Not Paying Attention to a Home’s “Flow”

Lastly, your renovation needs to pay attention to how well people can move between rooms and through each room. This element is the home’s “flow” and is very important to consider. For example, you need to make sure that it is easy to move between the fridge, sink, and stove of your home. These areas are considered the “work triangle” of the kitchen and must be close and easy to access.

Likewise, a bedroom’s flow should make it easy to get to the bed, the closets, and other areas inside of the room. Talk to renovation experts about this factor to ensure that you get the best results. For example, you may need to tweak up the overall structure and design of your home to ensure that they are not only handsome but exciting and beneficial for the flow of your house.

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As you can see, the best home renovation in Cedar Rapids, Iowa doesn’t have to be a significant challenge. If you take the time to avoid these common mistakes, you’ll find that your home is as beautiful as possible at a price that you can easily afford. So please don’t hesitate to get a hold of us at Ideal Windows, Doors, & Siding right away. Our professionals not only have years of experience with the renovation but can also help you plan this process in a way that is hard for other experts to do.

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